Table Tennis Table Conversion Tops – A Good Alternative to a Regular Table?

What’s a conversion shirt you may ask? Well it is essentially the very best portion of a table tennis table itself, and it is made to be attached to other supports or surfaces, to turn it into the right table. Table tennis tables occupy a big area, and pretty much fill any committed games area, leaving no space for other things such as pool tables shuffle boards, etc.. Imagine if you would like to get them all, but just have one room available? This is the point where a conversion shirt is well worth considering!

There are a number of conversion shirts available on the marketplace which are designed especially to fit along with a variety of pool table dimensions. This is a superb alternative for someone who has a pool table, also doesn’t have the space to put in a table tennis table!

The conversion shirt utilizes the framework and body of the pool table. By putting the conversion shirt on the pool table and bending it with all the mounting brackets, you and your buddies can begin playing ping pong very quickly!

The crucial feature of these conversion shirts is they are extremely simple to install. As stated earlier, there are numerous accessible conversion shirts which are going to have the ability to match on various dimensions of pool tables. All you have to do is mount it and lock it using all the mounting brackets on the pool and you’ll have a good ping pong table prepared for play.


Main advantages:

1. Conserve space – You may have a pool table AND a table tennis table in precisely the exact same area, taking no more room.

2. Save cash – A table tennis conversion top is usually more affordable than a comprehensive table tennis table.

3. Bonus features – By covering the conversion up shirt, it could double up as a desk for some other items, such as amusement, eating or other hobbies. Along with this it safeguards your pool table!


Nicely table tennis and snooker tables aren’t exactly the exact same height or size. A formal snooker dining table is 11′ by 5’10”, whereas a table tennis table is 9′ by 5’…a slight problem here… In addition to this, a snooker table is typically 2’10”, whereas a table tennis table is 2’8″, therefore when playing a transformation shirt you’re going to be playing on a surface that is too large! Smaller snooker tables might also be a bit lower, and nearer to the height of a suitable table tennis table, therefore these can offer a better match.

Does this matter? It depends… if you’ve got the table chiefly for a few social fun with friends, I’m confident you are going to have just as much fun no matter how large the dining table is… Even if you ARE more serious about your match, using a conversion shirt may continue to be helpful for a great deal of things such as practicing techniques and functions, and remains a ton better then no table in any way.

However, as you progress farther in degree, you might get the switching between different height table also much disturbance or bothersome. . As items that operate on a single table do not work on a different…

Where to Purchase?

Not all significant table tennis makers make conversion shirts, and even when they do, not all traders carry them. Have a look at a few of the online stores, in addition to any regional traders to see if they take them. Don’t forget to receive a quote which includes shipping, because they may be pricey to get delivered into your residence, and embarrassing to transport your self.

Table Tennis Tips – Selecting Equipment To Enhance Or Improve Your Game

As table tennis grows more popular, the amount of businesses producing equipment for your game is on the upswing. This greater prevalence leads to plenty of equipment alternatives for customers to evaluate. Each piece of gear performs an important role and must be chosen with thoughtful consideration. Table tennis regulations determined by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) dictate specifications for equipment qualified for official contest. The ITTF keeps a listing of authorized manufacturers and versions on their site.

Selecting your paddle is often as straightforward as picking one off the shelf in your local sporting goods shop, or it may be an involved process which starts with choosing a sterile paddle at the dimensions, shape, and burden you find most comfortable and adding plastic sheets which can influence your style of play. The kind of paddle you choose may have a definite effect on your game. Paddle selection might not appear important to somebody who’s enjoying the sport on a everyday basis, but for anyone who’s expecting to advance their level of drama, paddle selection is essential.

It’s encouraged that you try-out several choices before deciding on the kind of paddle which can allow you to accomplish your very best game. ITTF rules don’t specify a required dimensions, weight or shape for a licensed paddle, but they do say that one facet of the paddle has to be red and one side has to be black. The kind of rubber sheets inserted to the paddle could be different on every side. This can be important because the kind of rubber onto a paddle can figure out whether a ball spins when struck or how quickly it moves when returned. Attempting several kinds of plastic sheets will allow you to ascertain which dimensions and feel best matches your style of playing. A pre-made table tennis paddle ranges in cost from $15 to $150. Pricing for a customized paddle starts at about $40.


As soon as you’ve picked your paddle, you’ll require a ball. There are a number of manufacturers of table tennis balls out there. ITTF approved table tennis balls need to weigh 2.7 g and measure 40mm in diameter. They’re orange or white in colour and have a matte finish. Approved balls need to have a rebound of 23cm when dropped from a height of 30cm. Therefore, this is the most frequent size ball now being used. You will find different sizes in the marketplace such as the 38mm, which has been the ITTF accepted dimension before being replaced following the 2000 Olympic Games in an effort to slow match play for spectator pleasure.

A star rating system can be used to grade the standard of every ball. A one-star score is the lowest score given. These balls are suitable practice chunks. A ball ranked with two-stars is a step over its own one-star rated counterpart. These balls are suitable for coaching purposes. The maximum quality ball is provided a three-star score and is qualified for use in global competition. Three-star balls would be the very evenly assembled and present the very authentic flight and flight, two fundamental elements for an effective game. Not all spheres are rated. It’s possible to buy balls which aren’t analyzed to fulfill ITTF criteria of weight or size. Unrated and one-star rated chunks are usually the cheapest. They may be obtained for roughly $5 . Balls which are rated with three and two celebrities begin at about $7 per dozen.

In the end, you’ll require an adequate table to play table tennis . There’s a vast range of table designs offered for your own consideration. If you’ll be moving your desk regularly, a dining table which could be folded easily for storage is a sensible choice. It would also be a good idea to guarantee the table has rollers for easier maneuverability. Stationary tables are offered to get a more permanent placement. A third solution is a conversion shirt, which matches your existing billiard dining table, turning it into a table tennis table.

Tabletops ought to be analyzed to be sure they are smooth and even. A tabletop that’s warped or has tough spots will stop the ball from bouncing correctly as it strikes the table. This may negatively impact game play. ITTF approved tables have to be green or blue in colour with a matte finish. White lines have been painted around the edges and round the middle, dividing the table into two halves. A law table has to quantify 9 feet long x 5 feet wide x 30 inches . Table tennis tables vary in cost from $250 to get a simple starter table to more than $2000 to get a competition quality table. For more information click table tennis rackets